About Us

Family Owned Champagne House

Coffee Bean

3rd Generation

Family owned and
operated since 1952

Coffee Bean


Officially certified with Viticulture
Durable in Champagne

Coffee Bean

Located in the Marne

in the south commune of Sezanne

fAMILY History

The Family business was created in 1952 by Gilbert Gruet and his wife Danielle Gruet. True visionaries, this couple believed that they could create something with their small plot of vineyards in the town of Bethon.
Their ambitions gave them great success and in 1993 SA Gruet became known “Champagne Paul Laurent” .The name was chosen using two names that are dear to the Gruet family. After realizing the American Dream in the creation of Gruet Winery, Gilbert Gruet came back to foster Champagne Paul Laurent.
With great care, the third generation is now responsible for keeping their grandparent’s dream alive.

Our Location

We are located in the heart of the Côteaux du Sézannais,
south of Epernay in the Marne region. 

Champagne Paul Laurent

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