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Paul Laurent

Established in 1952 in the heart of the Côteaux du Sézannais, south of Epernay, in the small village of Bethon, this independently owned Champagne house is the fruit of constant and meticulous care.

This family-owned and operated business, created by Gilbert and his wife Danielle Gruet, is committed to keeping the family’s passion at the heart of their work.

The 3rd generation today is still in the continuation of their grandparent’s dream of creating consistently delicious champagne to be shared with loved ones.

Crafted eco-responsibly, all cuvées are in the image and the values of the family itself – simplicity, authenticity, and a product of love and hard work.

Meet the family

The Gruet family spirit is infused in the bubbles of Champagne Paul Laurent.

Join one of the few remaining family and independently owned Champagne Houses in the region.

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